About Lessons  I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree with a concentration in Music and English. When I first began my music studies, I pursued my education at a local level in Massachusetts, enrolling as a Music Major at the Cape Cod Community College and the Cape Cod Conservatory of Music. After I obtained my Associates Degree, I moved on to major in music programs at other colleges, such as Bridgewater State College, The University of Massachusetts Amherst, and finally went on to the study at prestigious music schools, such as The Eastman School of Music. I have studied with many accomplished teachers throughout New England including these pianists (some whose biographies you may read): Ludmila Krasin Stephen YoungDeborah Nemko; Robert Kidd, Nadine ShankAndrew AxelrodKaren Crosby; and the staff at The Eastman School of Music. For the past several years, I have been studying with renowned concert pianist, Oberlin graduate from Cape Cod, Anne Perrault.